How do our lives dangle in the scale of fate,
Scared of a balanced end in the trap of death
How does our conscience lay ambush to our trust
And our mistakes like preys, lay

When shall our thoughts be free from lust
And our minds flow like a ceaseless river
When shall we start to weave our own dreams & stop relying on unyielding visions

The mind is like an unwoven thread
Bonded by lines of intertwined thoughts
As humans, our hands are tied to misled us When we lay like a potter molding wrong ideas.
We lay like spiders in a trap,
Encircled by our negative thoughts like a web-
We are the snares we try to be free from
Because we have tangled our own thoughts

GIDEON EMMANUEL is a budding poet who teaches English and Literature. He is also the coordinator of a group chat WRITER’S HOSTEL. He finds solace in writing, studying, listening to people’s plights and in turn, giving them some soothing motivational speeches.

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