Written By: Precious Uwen

when we started loving

it was like we got new clothes.

and we’d never stain it.

But we wore our love repeatedly for days

without changing it.

We wore our love with the same pattern,

with the same style.

The same look, e v e r y day.

Soon we began to play with it,

In park and rough playgrounds,

Dabbed the sweaty face of the public

With it and carried it to malls

as we shopped.

tell me what happened

to our love? Did it die,

or did we forget about it,

just like a worn-out shirt

dumped in a basket of dirty linens?

our love is no longer what it was:

Admirable. Thrilling. So beautiful.

It no longer pours sweetness into us

we’ve dumped it.

not that we haven’t tried

the much we can to revive

or make something

good come out of it.

but because a thing

too stressed becomes


and old-fashioned

as time



Photo Credit: Pexels.com