Written By: Jude Chike

The poet in this short poem, calls our attention to how we are very much like the earth. This is a poem about all of us and our dear earth.

If Earth evolves by dying, I am
a desert, like the Sahara, stretching,
scorching savannahs and rainforests,
encroaching stranger lands, bound
for the Atlantic.

And I shall empty myself
into the ocean.
Who’d rather dissolve in ancient water than feed
the vacuum of their composition?
The former is of fate;
the latter makes me think
of creatures drinking water.

Yet they are one and the same.

The trick to being immortal is
to be like the sky – weep!
Earth swallows itself – rain!

We are very much
like the oceans, we are
dust, we hold water.

A lover of art and nature, Jude Chike lives in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. When he is not reading or writing, he follows his favourite book, writers, superheroes, artists, and photographers on social media. While focusing on his unconventional style of creative writing, Jude dreams of becoming a professor and owning a villa surrounded by a garden. Connect with him on Facebook (Jude Chike) and on Instagram (@thewriterjude).

Photo by Carl Newton from Pexels