The poem, “Bourgeois’ Worst Nightmares” by Collins Columba Nobri has further buttressed our literary scholars’ position that “art does not exist in a vacuum”. This poem is political and social; it is what we might refer to as a communal lamentation rendered by a patriotic poet. It is such a delight to share!

-Editorial Team

Bourgeois’ Worst Nightmares

Trapp’d in the Stranglehold of nothingness
Direct result of the Bourgeoisie’s evil Marxist theatrics
Starved and impoverished amidst abundance
Known evil gimmick but the bourgeoisie smile home daily;
Satisfied receiving praises for being philanthropic

The Proletariat aware not ‘cos them been
Denied logical thought
A bourgeoisie’s designed
Free education preached but free of knowledge

Poor desperadoes shout on the streets:
All hail thee bourgeoisie
Thy foundation, a minefield for the proletariat
Weak unenlightened and hungry,
Artisans who know no rights from wrong once sang: Long live cheerful giver.
Thy donations so kind a gesture
Little know not comrades
A bourgeoisie’s handouts is a drop in the ocean from shared loots

The embezzled consciences of the proletariat
Praised thy sudden wealth oh Bourgeois
Unaware thy illwealth is them
Reason for their occupatory begging for scrubs
Never praise thy tormentors, you forced slavish servants!

O ye bourgeois, there lies the lies of your wicked thirst
for being a seasoned kleptomaniac
You manipulative bedbugs, round belly jiggers
Thy end’s end is near
Them proletariat now aware of thy shenanigans
Your worst nightmare comes the birth of enlightened poor
Desperate to have a pound of your flesh
For a betrayal so unforgettable and unforgivable

O ye poor souls
Let thy double-edged dagger of RevolutionNow
Rip the pounds of those
Ambassadors of poverty living fat on thy collective wealth.

Contributor’s Bio

Collins Columba Nobri read English and Literary Studies, from Federal University, Wukari from where he graduated in 2019. He’s from the Jukun Kona extraction of Jalingo, Taraba State. He is an avid reader of books especially creative writings and has a few unpublished works to his credit. Collins is married.