The Poem, Eighth Wonder of the World, is a song of grief. The singer composes such a sonorous song with blurred metaphors and symbols that can ache at a glimpse of the heart of an avid reader. It tells the narrative of a broken poet and his family suffocating in a ‘bottomless pit’ of poverty. George Flumo’s poem is indeed a heart-rending piece.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

Eighth Wonder of the World

(for my mother- Christiana)

inside the medullary cavity of my tiny bones

is a story she wrote about my father:

‘he set flames on

the veins connecting my heart to blood i can’t let go’….

a woman of 45 carried river in a cracked calabash

& set her abdomen to where the it shattered

my father did the worst painting for a god wearing human skin:

he placed the nose where the eyes belongs, the ears in place of the mouth

he erected rotten rainbows in the hair

follicles, leaving their swollen pores

she set her knee to the ground, her head to the ceiling,

folded her hands in a vertical way

& started to mend those broken pieces

into an art we celebrate.

Contributor’s Bio

George worjlor Flumo is a first-year sociology student at the University of Liberia. He’s an emerging eccentric writer, storyteller & poet. One who’s immensely addicted to African, English Literature & Art. He writes from the narrow belly of his room. somewhere in Liberia.

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