In this poem, Abrahim Bah chants a dirge for unrequited love and the incessant turbulence of a love affair, especially such as have the weight of the romance resting too heavily on one lover. Clearly, the poetic persona, a victim of a one-way-traffic love, is lovelorn and Bah captures his/her emotions exquisitely. Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

To Precious: How to Riddle the Moon

When the angry storm is upheaved by the desert smoke-

 and the thirsty waves cooled by the evening ray of sun,

when twilight hit the bay of rivers and lakes

when the trees symphonic songs are played;

use your lips and melodious voice

sing the tale of a lone lover sailing the seaway-

riddle the moon about your lover

a boy; a man. a lone traveler thirsty like the ocean, 

symphonic like the trees and weary like the jungle at midnight.

riddle the moon about your lover. riddle the moon about the zombie boy.

Contributor’s Bio

Abrahim Bah is a budding poet, writer, Entrepreneur, and Social activist. He spent most of his life in the slum of West Point in Monrovia. His hobbies include playing soccer and writing. He can be reached via email at

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