Written By: Franklyn Orode

A professional civil engineer and poet writes a poem about nature

Often they come on some forlorn evenings
These distant relatives of the sparkling stars
Out in the open field like innocent children
Playing on rainy days, oblivious of our pain
Myriads of fragile angels singing melodies
flapping their tiny wings in enviable strides
Teach me the open secret of your symphony
As your orchestra performs on this balcony
You are welcome to my courtyard tonight
Little chandeliers like a spread-out blanket
Beautifying my face with a thousand smiles
With cheerful tears wetting my drowsy eyes
In the midst of your clan, sore memoirs fade away
My mountain of worries on a momentary holiday
When you pride in elegance like miniature moons
With your fire unquenchable caressing the dewdrops
Tomorrow at twilight, I’ll be here waiting for more
Call me when you come, you can knock at my door
Or lean up against my wall and whisper songs to my sleep
My pals you’ve been, from my windows you can peep

Franklyn Orode is a professional civil engineer with an insatiable knack for poetry. He is a literary enthusiast with his works published on many online platforms.

Image by Cindy Lever from Pixabay