Deadline: July 31st

“The Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award is the biggest poetry competition for 11-17-year olds in the world. [Teen poets can jump on this right away and begin their career in a grand style. Yeah! We are that optimistic about you, even though we do not know you personally.]

Since it began the Award has kick-started the career of some of today’s most exciting new voices. Past winners include Jay Bernard, Sarah Howe, Helen Mort, Phoebe Power, Caroline Bird, Mukahang Limbu, Richard O’Brien and many more incredible poets.” 

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“The competition welcomes poems on any theme and any length. It is completely free to enter for anyone aged 11-17 in the world. Poems must be in English, British Sign Language or Braille

We are so excited to that the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2020 is now open for entries. We are still running the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award [despite] the covid 19 crisis and we cannot wait to receive your poems.  Our amazing judges this year are the wonderful Maura Dooley and Keith Jarrett. Read Maura and Keith’s blogs to find out what they are looking for in this year’s poems and tips when writing poetry.”

All entrants will receive a certificate for participating in this prestigious competition. It is completely FREE to enter and you can enter as many poems as you wish.”

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As always, all of us at Eboquills wish you the best!

Photo credit: Pexels