This poem by Yahuza Abdulkadir is a deliberate dive into religion and faith. It captures concrete images of a boy drowning his body in the worship of his creator. Yahuza paints the beauty and happiness surrounding every believer in the faith of Islam.

Kwaghkule Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry)

This is How I Pray 

(after Sadiq Oyekanmi)

in the name of Allah

i begin this poem with prostration,

my hands touching the bones engraved

on my knees.

my forehead bent to wear a fine sand,

like a heavy rain,

a prayer pouring on my tongue.

when i rouse to sit on my toes,

i saw a tasbih

counting the lines that hold each finger

on my right hand.

yesterday, just yesterday –

when my left leg stretched its toes

out of the mosque,

a passerby walks with a question dancing on his lips,

he stopped to ask –

so you’re a Muslim?

on moments, like this –

i don’t know which color would paint

my answer

instead of ana Abdullah.

may Allah absolve me,

i would never wear a color that doesn’t paint me a Muslim,

watch me hold my Qur’an

like an egg,

with beautiful beads wrapped into a carbi, hugged on my fingers.

so i walk home

wearing a beautiful smile on my face.

i affirm in the name of Allah,

i feel like becoming a flying bird,

to tell the wind,

there’s peace running out

of every mouth

that sings the tenets of Islam.

Contributor’s Bio

Yahuza Abdulkadir is a Nigerian writer and poet. He is a member of Hill-top Creative Arts Foundation. His works are published in Poemify Publishers Inc, Spillwords, Terror House Magazine, Kalahari Review, Konya Shams Rumi, Teen Lit Journal, ILA Magazine, OneBlackBoyLikeThatReview, Opinion Nigeria, The Daily Reality, Melbourne Corner Culture, and elsewhere. When he is not writing he engages in social and humanitarian activities in his community.

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