“Struggle from the Wag” by Moses Victor Jassa examines alcoholism. The poet paints a vivid picture of a liquor addict with related imagery and beautiful metaphors. I am delighted to share this piece with you.

Kwaghkule, Jacob – Contributing Editor (Poetry) 

Struggle from the Wag

I can see myself 

Going down the valley of thoughts 

Of simplicity within 

Like the little peck of the naked vulture 

Which flies above the sky of divinity 

Sold into slavery 

A memorial, long time lost 

To fugitives

I have the orientation of a toggle stitches 

Layed down beside my bare minimum of consideration 

Vallies talked to each other while 

I lay in thrift tension 

This circle within

That plays my head 

A gunshot of prediction 

A hope vanquished 

Lost in the hands of lame dibbles 

A calm touch from a voracious tame 

Shook my hand with a sweet acid 

A tasty drink that left me wanting 

Sold into bottles for liquor license 

An obedient servant to brands of  liquor

Slimming down the appetite of a sourly tasty throat 

Scavenging to defeat this drowsiness 

But left to defend this ugly thing with pride 

Battling with the defense of being free 

Free from alcoholism 

Since none knows 

Of my dating with secret loneliness

I kept it for when my creative maker will atone 

But am I vanquished?

Contributor’s Bio

Moses Victor Jassa is a graduate of the Niger State College of Education, Minna. He was the President of the Department of English Language before he rounded up with his Programme. Because of his exquisite love for creative writing, he pioneered the creative writers club in the college. For his diplomatic use of words, he is more driven to poetry than other genres of literature.

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