To kick start this week, I thought to share what I’d like to call a ‘kitchen inspiration’. It is basically, a gleam of light that shone on my mind while I was cooking.

I think optimism is like a kitchen knife- today it is a harmless cutlery, it dices your vegetables; tomorrow it becomes a weapon with which you or someone else can use to take your life. But we cannot say we no longer need knives in our homes. Optimism is great fuel to keep our lamps lighted as we walk in the darkness of uncertainties towards our dreams.

There is something about looking at the (wo)man in the mirror and telling him s/he’s a bundle of possibilities. That there is a seat reserved for her/him at the table of wealth and s/he must not let complacency make him satisfied with the crumbs getting off the tables of those considered the big guys.

There were times when I sprang from the dust of defeat, took my pains/wounds by surprise and sprinted away on broken limbs. Other times, I stopped pushing the door against my fears, I let them in and entertained them with a drink poisoned with courage. And when I look back now, I can say that sometimes the will to move forward is all the force of inertia we need.

Battles do not end; the struggle here continues. The finishing line for this race called life is death. For this reason, we must continue to strive. We must get behind the steering and drive ourselves to the place where we would find fulfillment. It’s not a smooth ride, it never has been. Some days, it is bumpy, other days, there is a horrible hold-up and the traffic lights won’t turn green. It’s okay if you feel tired and match the brake just to take a break, but to quit? Never! You should not back down or retreat!

This new week, you need these positive vibes. You need to be able to look at the (wo)man you see in the mirror and say ‘Yes!’ to his/her questions of whether you can overcome, breakthrough or break even, then watch your engine steam up!

Love and light from all of us at Eboquills We wish you a great week!