Many of us have favorite writers, poets, storytellers on various social media platforms and it is even more adorable to have your favorite writer as a friend who leaves down the street. If a writer spends a minimum of 5 hours per week to write, update on social media, and follow-up on comments, do you know he would have spent at least 260 hours enlightening and entertaining you?

Do you sometimes think of the times when some of the advice and tips they wrote, came in just when you needed them most? Have you not become better at a number of things or made some good decisions because of their influence? Have you thought about how a simple word of appreciation or a small gift would encourage them? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Because I have made a list of some very cheap gifts which you could give your writer-friends as the year ends. The tree which produces those succulent fruits does not have to be left at the mercy of dews and rains, you can fetch some water and pour at its root.  So here we go:

1. A handwritten note:

We are in a time when text messages and chats are the new cool. We have gone so electronic and digital that I sometimes fear that we would lose a very important fraction of real fun. So, if you can take out time to write a beautiful handwritten note and send it to that writer who has been a blessing to you this year, it would be great.

2. Internet Subscription:

The cost of staying online nowadays is exorbitant. Some writers make jokes about being on Facebook free mode sometimes and you know how limiting that is. A writer needs a connection to the rest of the world because he is like one part of the circuit of Literature. This Christmas, you can decide to buy a one-time subcription for your favorite writer. They will be glad.

3. Books:

I do not know a writer who does not love to read. Not one. What varies among writers is their interests and conversely influences their choices of books. If you have read a writer sufficiently, you would know what kind of books they would find interesting. But if you are still in doubt, a book on how to write better would be a great choice for nearly every writer.

4. A writing pad and beautiful pen:

Most writers do a lot of journaling. I have a palm-size jotter for this purpose. The lines which become great poems do not always come all at once. Sometimes, it comes when you are in gridlock or doing your main job, writing for most of us is a side job. Hence, some portable writing pad would be a great gift for just about any writer.

5. EBO tees:

Since August when we announced the launch of EBO tees, we have received many great customer reviews. This would make a good present for your writer-friends because the shirts are crested with scribblings eulogizing writers and poets. It goes for a flat price of N2,500. If you buy up to a dozen, we would do a discount for you. Our shop is always open.

6. One month’s subscription on Medium:

Medium is a great place to read amazing articles on nearly all subjects. It also creates an avenue for writers to network with other writers and make some money off their engaging posts. You can gift membership to one or more writers either by doing it from your account or sending them a Naira equivalent of  5 Dollars when you have confirmed that they have a Medium page.

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