The value of TapRead’s 2020 Visions writing contest is $2,000! The winner will be going home with $1,000, the first and second runner up will have $500 and $300 respectively. Then there will be two consolation prizes of $100 each. Sounds like some good reward for writing a story you have been wanting to write, right? Great!

According to TapRead, “The 2020 Visions contest is intended to celebrate new authors and excellent writing. Our current site features translated novels. Now we are taking the next step and working to build a community of English-speaking authors!

What kind of stories should you enter?

“TapRead is built for long-form fiction that is meant to be read in short bites! Stories should keep a fast pace with lots of payoffs without losing long-term potential.”

“We recommend learning from two formats that have mastered this:
– TV Show Style – While a season usually has a major plot, each episode has it’s own tension. This style focuses on lots of minor arcs while building to big moments.
– Serial Novel Style – Rather than one big story with lots of small arcs, this style uses medium-sized, high tension arcs. The arcs are tied together by themes and characters, rather than needing to play into one big conflict.”

– At least 5K words of content submitted before 23:59, 16th Dec (PST)
– Content must be your own original work and adhere to¬†TapRead’s terms of service

Read all the details here.

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