Have you been wanting to attend any of the biggest Literary Festivals in Nigeria? Ake Arts & Book Festival, 2020 will be holding next month and this could just be your chance to meet, network, and connect with the best of minds in the African literary community and beyond. So, we thought to let you in on how to register for Ake Festival.

The Ake Arts & Book Festival is now in its 8th year. It has successfully seen the convergence of over 700 thinkers and creatives such as writers, artists, poets, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and actors. The festival not only celebrates homegrown creativity on the African continent, it provides a platform for in-depth dialogues through panel discussions, art exhibitions, workshops, storytelling, book chats, poetry performances, a concert, stage play and unforgettable films.

Why you should attend Ake Festival

This year’s event, sponsored by Google and Sterling Bank is going to be—as the organizers put it—“four days of cultural immersion” which you will very much enjoy. The theme is “African Time.” And to think that the registration is free, like absolutely free, leaves you with no excuse to be left out.

Also, you do not need to worry about your transportation fares, accommodation cost, and the trouble of moving across the country to be a part of this great festival. Why? You are going to be joining via your smart devices from the very comfort of your home or where ever you choose.

And to think that your favorite writers and performers will be there! We went through the list of guests who would be at this year’s festival, and it was a catalogue of rich minds, authors of your favorite books, musicians who have inspired us for decades, and performers whose trademark is to blow minds. You need to come learn from the best, how to be the best in your craft!

In addition, do you know that every hour of the festival, someone on the African continent would win a book? The books on display for this year’s festival are a must-have. They are the freshest of books making waves in the literary community. You are going to immensely enjoy the festival there are many fresh African books to be won. Not only will you stand a chance to win a book- yeah fresh books like Ogadinma, Assorted Dreams And Nightmares, This Is How We Disappear, and… the list is quite long.

So, here’s How to register

Come 22- 25th October, Ake Arts and Book Festival will be holding, and just as we stated earlier the registration is free. However, early registration is important if you want to qualify for the hourly Ake Festival book give-aways. Yeah… During Ake Festival, somebody on the African continent will win a book every hour.

To register, you only need to enter you first and last name, a valid email address, a phone number (optional), hit ‘submit’, and viola! You are there.

Register now. You will be glad you did!